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Price List


Re-enactment Bows - Hickory Backed Lemonwood£220.00
Basic Longbows - Hickory Backed Lemonwood£340.00
Medieval Style Longbow- Hickory Backed Lemonwood£340.00
Standard Longbow - Hickory Back, Hardwood Core£390.00
Deluxe Longbow - Hickory Back, 2 Hardwood Core£450.00


Classic > Hickory Backed Osage

Hickory Backed Osage Hardwood Core£550.00
Hickory backed Osage with Osage Core£600.00


Flatbow Maple, maple or Lemonwood core and Lemonwood Belly£310.00
Flatbow Hickory, Purpleheart or Pau Amorello core with Lemonwood belly£355.00
Flatbow Hickory, Purpleheart or Pau Amorello core and Osage belly£450.00
Flatbow Hickory, Osage core and Osage belly£500.00


Laminated Stave£190.00


Standard Longbow String - Single Loop£15.00
Standard Longbow String - Double Loop£18.00



The Heritage of the Longbow£15.50
Medieval War Bows - A Bowyers Thoughts£10.00
Shooting the English Longbow£15.50


Childrens BowsP.O.A

Additional Items

Cloth Bow Bags - Medium£18.00
Cloth Bow Bags -Heavy£25.00

Warbow extras

War bow 10mm shaft practice bullet x 12 £12.00
War bow 12mm shaft practice bullet x 12 £15.00


DO NOT use stringers which have a pocket that fits over the top nock as these exert pressure on the nock beyond the wood which can lead to broken nocks, which will not be replaced under warranty!

Bickerstaffe Bows do NOT endorse the use of such stringers. Please see above for correct information on stringing a bow.