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Custom Made Wooden Arrows

In partnership with Bickerstaffe Bows all orders are built to a match of bow and archer. To place an order contact Joff at and/or 07816 047418. An order form (in Word format) can be downloaded here. Complete this and email to Joff the completed form.

When ordering arrows please discuss your needs with Joff directly with the following information to hand:-

  1. Draw weight of the bow
  2. Draw length of the archer (measured between the points indicated below)
  3. Right or Left handed
  4. Type of shooting the arrows will be used for e.g. Target archery up to 60 or 100 yards, Field archery, Clout or Roving clout
  5. The experience of the archer is also helpful to know

Below is a guide to basic sets between 9/32” and 23/64”.

Basic Set

Basic Set - Parallel shafts, spined, weight matched and balanced to around +/- 1/8" with standard plastic nocks. Piles 3D field or brass bullet shouldered. Lacquer finish; 3" or 4" fletch depending on arrow weight and length. Where the weight distribution exceeds +/-5% across the set they may be split into 2 of 6, with the fletch colours reversed to distinguish each weight group - £100/set of 12

Bob-tail or barrel

As per Basic set but balanced to around 1/16”. Barrelling is sometimes used to fit a smaller pile onto a shaft when a particular pile type is requested - £10/arrow


Invariably bob-tailed otherwise as above with a cut and reinforced nock. (Reinforcement through a plastic insert and usually binding immediately below the nocking point.) - £12/arrow.

The following is priced subject to discussion between fletcher and archer.

  • Non-standard fletchings - £1/arrow
  • Crown stain and simple crest - £20/set
  • Heavier arrows - £15/arrow
  • Footing (23/64” maximum) - £15-£18/arrow
  • Alternate pile cost is generally dictated by the cost of the piles themselves.  The final price will be £12 to £15 for the shaft plus the pile.
  • Cost of alternate piles is generally dictated by the cost of the piles themselves.
  • Longer shafts (i.e. over 31”) – most dowels are supplied at 32” so once pile is fitted and nock cut we’re down to 30” to 30½” (approximately Mary Rose shaft lengths).  Longer than this then we need to talk through.

Postage is additional, depending on where the arrows will need to be sent.


Bickerstaffe Bows supply high quality bows and accessories worldwide. Our bows normally take 4-6 weeks to manufacture from the date of placing your order. If you would like more information or to discuss specific requirements before purchasing then please contact Bickerstaffe Bows using the contact us page.